Purchasing a home doesn't have to be scary.

Buying a home is one of the largest purchases most of us will ever make. And the home-buying process can be a daunting one. That’s why I’ve created this FREE, 30-minute Homebuying 101 course.


Even if you haven’t started thinking about purchasing a home, it’s never too early to educate yourself.

About Me

I'm Josh Lee, and buying my first home changed my life. Now I work as a real estate agent and get to educate others on the power of home ownership.


I’m lucky to be backed by the team at Ruckart Real Estate.

These two are my closest comrades – Nathan and Lindsey. I’m fortunate to be supported by these two so we can serve people to our greatest ability. Nathan helps me show houses to folks who are ready to buy. He is an expert on Central Virginia including all things culture, food, and places to see. Lindsey is my assistant extraordinaire and gives people exceptional service. We are passionate about making home buying an educational and easy experience. 

Get started with our FREE Homebuying 101 course

Catch a glimpse here then sign up below for access to my free, 30-minute course on the process of buying a home. 

The Benefits of Home Ownership

Educate yourself on the financial benefits of owning a home. 


What to Expect During the Process

Break down the cost and process of home buying.

Building Wealth through Home Ownership

How home ownership can build equity and is an investment  in your financial future.

What people say about the courses

I had no clue that I qualified to purchase a home and that a mortgage would be cheaper than my rent! I'm so glad I took this class and now have a home for my family to call our own.

Moseley, Va.

I had been renting for 7 years before this class. I didn't know what kind of financial benefits I was missing out on by not owning my home. Thanks, Josh!

Colonial Heights, Va

Buying a home seemed so far out of reach for me. I am on a fixed income as a teacher. Josh connected with me after the course and explained a grant available to me as a teacher which allowed me to purchase my first home with less than $3,000 out of pocket.

Chesterfield, Va.

Josh and his team are just great! I loved taking this class and connecting afterward. He didn't try to sell to me or bother me. Just genuinely listened and helped me make a plan.

Henrico, Va.